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April 17, 2012 | admin | News

How to Write a Great SongYou’ve probably stumbled upon this article about songwriting through a search engine after becoming frustrated whilst trying to write a song. Maybe you have a chorus going round and round in your head, or a verse or perhaps you’ve written a catchy lyric and need to create a structured song out of it, either on guitar or piano.In my 30 or so years of being a musician I’ve come up with hundreds of verses and chorus’s to songs but the knack of taking that single line or so to the next level and actually creating a great sounding song out of it is quite often beyond most musicians. Until recently I was exactly the same.

I now have 20, 4 minute songs that are correctly structured and sound great!

The secret to good song writing

Songwriting is actually quite a simple process once you know how to do it. Just about every song ever written follows some rules around Melody, Harmony, Rhythm and Lyrics.

Even if you’re not born a natural songwriter you can still learn how to write good songs. Songwriting is easy when you feel inspired. Sometimes it can feel like all the best songs have been written, but then from out of the blue something fresh arrives on the music scene and maybe a new genre such as punk is born.

Where should I start?

Although a song generally has the 4 basic elements — Lyric, Melody, Harmony and Rhythm there is no set way of actually writing a song. John Lennon for instance would write his lyrics first and then mess around on the piano until he found a chord sequence that fit. Paul McCartney related how ‘Yesterday’ came to him in a dream. You could:

* Start with a lyric and set it to music * Start with a melody and harmonise it * Start with a rhythm * Start with a the vocal

Other strategies of writing a song could be to pick up an instrument that is not natural to you, so if you play keyboard then have a go at writing a melody on the guitar, borrow an existing song structure that you like or write in the style of a singer or band that you like.

I like this idea…

You could also try and visualize a song. Find a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed, close your eyes and imagine a box full of CD’s or an MP3 player containing 20 songs…each one a classic. Hit the play button keep your mind clear and allow the music to start. You may just get a few bars to work with!

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