Online Songwriting Course – How to Use These Resources to Your Advantage

April 20, 2012 | admin | News

Songwriting ServiceIf you are looking for an online songwriting course, you may have noticed that they are everywhere! There are some free tips available online, but most of the lessons are for paid subscribers only. These are typically the best option for songwriters, but how do you know if you will really benefit from such paid services?Many people choose regular books to aid in their songwriting craft. I have many books on the subject which offer great ideas and methods to increase my songwriting skill. A couple of favorite authors are Robin Frederick and Jason Blume, both of which are talented and accomplished hit songwriters. These books are great, but online courses often have an advantage over regular books.

Why is this?

Not only do the courses usually contain a book, but they also can provide videos, workshops, and even tutoring. Not only do they teach you how to write a great, catchy song, but they will provide you with the tools to help make this possible. These tools usually include access to a thesaurus or rhyming dictionary. Some even come with free software, such as software used for recording purposes.

Usually these tools are valued at more than the cost of the online songwriting course.

Many songwriters, like myself, write as a hobby. I like to use every resource I can get my hands on, so that eventually I can push myself to the professional level. Many of the online courses give you the tools to turn your hobby into a profession by teaching you how to promote yourself as a songwriter.

Many people don’t even realize the potential of turning their hobby into a career. You can have a career in songwriting even if you don’t like to sing or perform!

There are many resources available when it comes to perfecting the craft of songwriting. Books and teachers are an awesome resource, but an online songwriting course is a very inexpensive investment that will make a world of difference in your songwriting skill.

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By Samantha Gonzalez

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