Music Industry and the Internet

May 4, 2012 | admin | News

Music and InternetThe internet has also greatly influenced the way that we listen to music. There was a point in time when almost all music was on vinyl records. Then came 8-track tapes, then cassette tape and finally CDs. Of course, now your entire music collection can fit in the palm of your hand thanks to the revolution in digital music. The idea of downloadable music has forever changed the music industry, what we listen to and how we store our tunes.This entire music revolution owes a debt of thanks to the development and expansion of high speed broadband service. If it weren’t for the fast speeds, it would be nearly impossible to download music, much less an entire album, because of the slow download speeds. However, with broadband that is not a problem and most people now find themselves with an iPod or another digital music device. In fact, the iPod or even Napster could not have existed without broadband. And if the iPod had never been invented, we might not have the iPhone or even the iPad.

Because of downloaded music, the entire music industry has been changed. While there are still some artists such as Kid Rock or AC/DC who do not allow their music on such sites as iTunes, most others do. In fact, other big groups such as the Beatles recently changed their minds and allowed their song catalogs to be part of the digital revolution. Because there are so many artists on sites such as iTunes, the digital music revolution has brought a lot of groups to the forefront that might have otherwise stayed under the radar. In fact, many bands are now discovered on the internet. For example, there have been some bands that have been discovered by major television shows to write theme songs or otherwise have music in the show just by having their music located on the internet.

Bands biggest problems have always been getting heard. It used to be that there were four corporations in the music world that had a revenue stream of 70%. If a band wasn’t with one of those big four, the chances of ever making it big were very small. Today, however, there are now millions and millions of pieces, niches and subcultures that can quickly latch onto a small band that no one has heard of previously. These music lovers will be intrigued, buy the music and eventually go to the concerts. At that point, the money making opportunities begin to open up.

Some have also been afraid that digital music will kill the industry. Of course, that was also what was thought when vinyl first came out that no one would ever go outside to listen to music again. It happened again in the 80s when people were afraid that consumers would just record music. Things will continue to change, but the digital music scene, thanks to broadband, is making music easier to come by and opening up new worlds that might not have been heard before.


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