Play Rock Guitar – Top 3 Mistakes Rock Guitar Players Make

May 7, 2012 | admin | News

Learning Rock GuitarSome people who play rock guitar unknowingly make mistakes along the way, and they are oblivious — not only to the mistake, but to the fact that these errors they keep committing time and time again may affect their skills and the quality of a performance.One of the mistakes a rock guitar player can make is being insensitive to a guitar. How? During the times they rock out and get into the music, they neglect the instrument that brought them to that performance or moment in the first place. Next time, be a bit more considerate about it. Take care of it like it’s your child so treat it with care instead of just letting it lie around.

Play rock guitar with passion but don’t commit this second mistake - playing too much. Can’t get enough about feeling like a rock star while on your guitar? Do you sound like what you imagine you should be? Some people play too much or rock out like there’s no tomorrow because they want to master a piece. There’s a thing called playing too much. Yes you might be sticking to your scheduled practice but are you actually hitting every note? Sometimes, people force themselves to learn things right away. However, they forget the majority of what they’ve practiced just a few hours later. You have to accept boundaries and limitations.

For beginners who play rock guitar, sounding like your favourite guitar player in one week is impossible. Mastering the guitar takes years of hard work. Don’t commit the third mistake that most rock guitar players do – walking around blind areas. Everyone has their weakness and limitations and they hit that bump on the road called the learning process. Sometimes, some notes are just difficult to learn and when some of those notes appear in a song, they skip it, Don’t!

Avoiding a problem area will hinder you from advancing and mastering the rock guitar because eventually in the future, you will encounter that difficult note, you will have to play it so better learn it now and progress than be stuck in the same position you started with – not knowing how to play notes.

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