About us

Deborah, almost 2, somewhere in Asia


After fifteen years in the marketing game, and a further twelve in high performance coaching of both athletes and business executives, Gate 57 founder Deborah couldn't ignore the call of creativity and retail. Her expat upbringing in Singapore, Australia and Europe has bred a drive for adventure, colour and uniqueness. The name Gate 57 is reminiscent of an airline boarding gate, and a metaphor for the gateway to a big, wide world.

We seek out authentic and modern fashion and home accessories with a global (and Canadian!) influence - a new take on ethnic style, celebrating a country's cultural heritage. Colourful hand-woven fabric reimagined as bags, elegant and fragrant candles, bright and joyful towels from the middle east to name a few things.

Our mission is also to ensure the goods we source are responsibly-produced and support the local community from which it originates. Whether made in Canada, or hand-woven in Uzbekistan, we want to empower the amazing artisans in this world.